Operation costs for 2002 - Ukraine

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Operation costs for 2002 - Ukraine




The AJJDC is a politically unaffiliated non-profit organization which has so far help construct a social infrastructure for over 220,000 aged and needy Jews in the form of a network of “Hesed Welfare Centers” in over 1,900 towns and villages in the former Soviet Union. One of these welfare centers which is located in the Ukraine cares for over 100,000 needy persons, many of whom are very old. The aim of the project is to cover the running costs for this establishment in West Ukraine in 2002, where the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis took on particularly large dimensions.

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ADJJC ist eine apolitische 'non-profit organisation', die bisher in über 1.900 Städten und Dörfern der FSU (Former Soviet Union) geholfen hat, eine soziale Infrastruktur für über 220.000 alte und bedürftige Juden in Form eines Netzwerkes von 'Hesed Welfare Centers' aufzubauen. Eines dieser 'Welfare Centers', das sich in der Ukraine befindet, versorgt über 100.000 Bedürftige, von denen viele sehr alt sind. Ziel des eingereichten Projekts ist es, die Kosten für das Betriebsjahr 2002 dieser Institution in der Westukraine, wo die Vernichtung der Juden durch die Nazis besonders stark war, abzudecken.


American council for equal compensation of Nazi victims from Austria

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American council for equal compensation of nazi victims from Austria


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