Charity Hospital in Budapest

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Charity Hospital in Budapest




The 320 bed hospital belongs to the Hungarian Jewish Community and is the only Jewish hospital in the region. Around 15,000 Holocaust survivors live in Hungary today, the majority in Budapest. The health of these people is getting worse as they age. This is compounded by the great mental stress due to their experiences during the Nazi era.

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Das 320-Betten-Krankenhaus gehört den jüdischen Gemeinden Ungarns und ist das einzige jüdische Spital der Region. In Ungarn leben heute in etwa 15.000 Holocaustüberlebende, der Großteil in Budapest. Der Gesundheitszustand der Menschen wird altersbedingt schlechter. Hinzu kommt die starke psychische Belastung aufgrund des Erlebten in der Nazi-Ära.


Claims Conference – Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

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Claims Conference – Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany


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24 May 2004


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