'Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Services'

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'Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Services'




The organization now employs over 150 social workers, psychologists and therapists who take care of over 6000 clients in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa (North Israel) and Beer Sheba (South Israel). As increasing numbers of people were seeking the assistance of AMCHA, the organization considered it urgently necessary to extend its work to further areas in Israel and to continue its work in the present areas.

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Die Organisation beschäftigt mittlerweile über 150 SozialarbeiterInnen, PsychologInnen und TherapeutInnen, die über 6000 KlientIinnen in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa (Nordisrael) und Beer Sheba (Südisrael) betreuen. Da immer mehr Betroffene die Hilfe von AMCHA suchen, sieht die Organisation dringende Notwendigkeit, ihre Wirkungsgebiete in Israel zu erweitern und die bestehenden fortzuführen.


AMCHA (R.A) National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust and the Second Generation

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AMCHA (R.A) National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Holocaus Survivors and the Second Generation



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