Organs of the National Fund

The organs of the National Fund are the Board of Trustees, the Managing Board and the Comittee.

Board of TrusteesAdvisory BoardCommitteeClaims CommitteeArbitration Panel for In Rem RestitutionManaging Board
Organizational chart

Managing Board

The Managing Board assists the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and prepares the decisions of the Board of Trustees and the Committee of the National Fund in accordance with Sec. 6 (1) of the National Fund Law. The Managing Board consists of two members and is appointed by the President of the National Council for a period of five years. Members are selected following the public advertisement of the position and appointed on the basis of a recommendation by the Board of Trustees and the approval of the Main Committee of the National Council. The Managing Board also has the task of fostering relations between Austria and the victims of National Socialism who live abroad.

Personnel composition

Prof. Mag.a Hannah M. Lessing, Managing Board (since January 2024)

Mag. Judith Pfeffer, MA, Managing Board (since April 2024)