The National Fund website in the light of remembrance

On the seventieth anniversary of the 'Anschluss' Austria's, the National Fund will remember the years of Nazi rule from the perspective of those persecuted. Beginning in March 2008, a series of autobiographical texts, composed by survivors of National Socialist persecution will be published on the National Fund's website.

Since its work began in 1995, thousands of people have visited the National Fund personally. In the course of the application process, life stories were recalled and remembered: stories of individuals deprived of their rights and discriminated against after the National Socialist takeover, expelled from their homes and forced to begin a new life in a different place. Some applicants put pen to paper and consented to the publication of their memories. It is of particular importance to the National Fund that the autobiographical memories of the survivors of the Holocaust and persecution are made accessible to the public and remain as points of reference. In accordance with an emphasis in the memorial year 2008, the series starts with six texts from people who experienced the 1938 'Anschluss' as children or young people.

Project Support and Project Databases

In sponsoring projects, the National Fund supports initiatives dedicated to the critical work of preserving memories and the commemoration of the victims of National Socialism. A particular emphasis is placed on providing help for needy holocaust survivors. Scientific and educational projects for the examination and research of the active mechanisms and consequences of National Socialism are also promoted. Details of all projects supported since 1996 are now published in a project database. In the data collection, which is continuously being updated, details can be found of over 600 projects that are being supported by the means of the National Fund or the International Fund for Victims of National Socialism.

Databases on

In addition to the project database, further databases from the activities of the National Fund and the General Settlement Fund are available through the homepage at This includes the National Fund's Art Database, the Decisions of the Arbiration Panel for In Rem Restitution (Arbitration Panel Database) and the database of seized insurance policies.