10th Anniversary of the National Fund. A Closer Look and Future Prospects



  • Dr. Heinz Fischer, Federal President
  • Dr. Andreas Khol, President of the National Council and Chairman of the National Fund
  • Secretary General Mag.a Hannah M. Lessing

1. Origin


2. From Legislation to the Establishment of the Fund in Practice


3. Conditions for the Award of Benefits


  • Maria Luise Lanzrath, Nina Bjalek: "... finally recognised as a victim after all these years ..." - Victim Groups

Life Stories

  • Franz Hahs, Austria
  • Karl Bayer, Austria
  • Julius Lintner, Australia
  • August Weiß, Austria
  • Frank P. Grad, USA
  • Wilhelm Horvath, Austria
  • Gerhard Heide-Mattkey, Austria
  • Emilie Benda, Austria
  • Maria Brumnik, Austria
  • Maria Brezjak, Austria
  • Erwin Wildschwenter, Austria
  • Johann Riebl, Germany
  • Karl Hamedler, Austria
  • Cölestine Ameisbichler, Austria
  • Hella Fixel, Austria
  • Charles Hirsch, USA
  • Ilse Riegler, Israel
  • Mano Fischer, Austria
  • Benno Ruda, Israel

4. Processing the Symbolic Payment


Life Stories

  • Heinz Kalmar, Austria
  • Kitty B. Wood, USA

5. The National Fund's Tasks


5.1. Source of Information

5.2. Compensation for Loss of Apartment and Small Business Leases

  • "It took until 2001 ..." - Compensation for apartment and small business leases, Maria Luise Lanzrath

Life Stories

  • Frances Howard, Great Britain
  • Richard Horowitz, USA
  • Lisa Granér und Susanne Ladow, Sweden
  • Heinz Folk, Belgium

5.3. Restitution of Works of Art

5.4. Project Development

  • Evelina Merhaut: National Fund-supported projects - Creating a bridge between young and old, then and now

Life Story

  • Helena Th., Austria

5.5. The hardship Fund

5.6. Administration of Looted Gold

5.7. Administering the General Settlement Fund

  • The General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism - Continuing the work of the National Fund?!, Christine Schwab
  • Home Visits - "It´s good that you´re here ... even if you are 60 years too late!", Walter Amtmann

6. Summary and Perspectives


  • "What has become of you?" - Reuniting families and friends, Helmut Wartlik, Martin Niklas


  • Excerpts from Letters
  • Abbreviations
  • Authors
  • Acknowledgments and Imprint

Renate S. Meissner on behalf of the National Fund (Ed.), Vienna 2010, 244 pages.

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