15th Anniversary of the National Fund. Development, function, impact



  • Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer
  • President of the National Council Mag.a Barbara Prammer
  • Secretary General Mag.a Hannah M. Lessing

The National Fund in a Historical Context

  • Univ.-Prof. DDr. Oliver Rathkolb: Public Negotiations on the History of the Holocaust
  • Prof. Yehuda Bauer: Some Comments on the Holocaust

The Origins and Development of the National Fund

  • Dr.in Susanne Janistyn: "... until they are all dead ...". The Special Responsibility Towards the Victims of National Socialism

Inside View: Development, Function and Impact of the National Fund

  • Dr.in Renate S. Meissner, MSc: The National Fund as an Expression of the Change in Austria´s Policies of Coming to Terms with the Past. Reflections on the Work of the Early Years
  • Mag.a Maria Luise Lanzrath: Because much remains unresolved ... . Victim Recognition and the New Tasks Assumed by the National Fund since 2001
  • Dr. Joseph Klement, Albena Zlatanova with contributions from Mag.a Iris Petrinja and Mag. Michael Doujak: The Historical Research of the National Fund
  • Mag.a Evelina Merhaut: If not now then when? If not here then where? The Development of the National Fund´s Project Sponsorship
  • Mag. Michael R. Seidinger with contributions from Mag.a Claire Fritsch, E.MA and Mag.a Julia Lenz: The Search for Seized Art. The Art Database of the National Fund as an Additional Tool for Provenance Research and the Search for Heirs
  • Mag.a Hannah M. Lessing: "… to plant the seeds of a better future amidst the soil of a bitter past …". The National Fund and the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research
  • Mag.a Claire Fritsch, E.MA, Mag. Michael Doujak: "Austria in Auschwitz". The Coordination of the Redesign of the Austrian Memorial Site in the Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau by the National Fund
  • Mag. Martin Niklas, Mag.a Christine Schwab: "... as if we had known each other forever". The National Fund´s Support in the Search for Friends and Relatives
  • Dr.in Renate S. Meissner, MSc, Mag.a Mirjam Langer, Mag.a Michaela Niklas: Memory - Narration - Commemoration. The National Fund´s Contribution Towards the Documentation of Autobiographical Testimonials, Scholarly Inquiries and Commemorative Events

The General Settlement Fund

  • Mag.a Christine Schwab: The General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism. A Review and Current Developments

Outside View: Dignitaries' Views on the National Fund

List of Dignitaries

The Authors of the National Fund and the General Settlement Fund


Legal disclosure

Renate S. Meissner on behalf of the National Fund (Ed.), Vienna 2010, 244 pages.

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