Annual Report 2008-2009



  • Foreword by the President of the National Council
  • Foreword by the Secretary General

The life story of Doris Lurie: Her passport was going to expire in two days …


  • General information
  • The National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism
  • The General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism
  • Communication and transparency

A Journey through Time

  • 1995-2009

The Year of Remembrance 2008

  • Commemoration and remembrance as a means of coming to terms with history (Renate S. Meissner)
  • The departure from the victim theory (Heidemarie Uhl)
  • The Austrian presidency of the ITF (Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff)

The life story of Rudolfine Kolmer: How a ten-year-old experienced the 13th March 1938

The National Fund

  • General information/Tasks/Decision-making practice/2008 and 2009/Outlook
  • The project sponsorship of the National Fund (Evelina Merhaut)

The life story of Katja Sturm-Schnabl: From the recollections of a child about the National Socialist era

The General Settlement Fund

  • General information/Proceedings/2008 and 2009/Outlook/Statistics
  • The Claims Committee of the General Settlement Fund. An interim review (Sir Franklin Berman)

The life story of Andreas H.: Born in the Lackenbach camp

  • The National Fund and the General Settlement Fund: A view from London (John Barker)

In Rem Restitution

  • General information/Historical background/Proceedings/2008 and 2009/Outlook
  • The Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution. An interim review (Josef Aicher)

The life story of Ingeborg Dürnecker: Hidden scars – my suffering in Spiegelgrund


  • Postscript (Stuart E. Eizenstat)


  • Documentation of the round table discussion "Restitution as an Interdisciplinary Challenge?"
  • Organs/Organogram/Statistics
  • Overview of in rem restitution resources
  • Specialized literature by the staff
  • Final notes
  • Legal disclosure

National Fund and General Settlement Fund (Ed.), Vienna 2010, 98 pages.

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