Volume 4 Lives Remembered. "Exile in Asia"

Volume 4 of the series "Lives Remembered" spans over 1,000 pages (in three parts) dealing with the subject of exile in Asia. It contains 23 stories of people whose flight from the Nazis took them briefly or permanently to Asian countries. The stories are complemented by a wealth of photographs and documents. Volume 4 is also the first volume to contain two photo albums and a life story supplemented with diary entries. A guest contribution by the historian and expert on German-speaking exile in India, Mag. Dr. Margit Franz, illuminates the special situation in Asia, the political (colonial) and cultural backgrounds and the circumstances and networks that had an effect on and among the refugee society.

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Renate S. Meissner on behalf of the National Fund (Ed.), Vienna 2015, 976 pages (German/Englisch).