Jewish Cemeteries in Austria 2021 Edition

Visitors' guide to the Jewish Cemeteries in Austria

The bilingual “Visitors’ guide to the Jewish cemeteries in Austria” was produced jointly with the Jewish religious communities and grassroots initiatives and for the first time includes all known Jewish cemeteries as well as Jewish sections of cemeteries throughout Austria.

The guide is as handy as it is informative: using QR codes, information on over 60 Jewish cemeteries and completed restoration projects out can be accessed via the website of the Jewish Cemeteries Fund. FOGIS, the geo-information portal of the National Fund, also provides a chance to explore the cemeteries on interactive maps using GPS. In addition to the most important historical facts, information on visiting a cemetery, photos and maps, the guide also provides contact details for arranging guided tours.

Jewish Cemeteries in Austria. Visitors' guide to the Jewish Cemeteries in Austria. Edited by Michael R. Seidinger on behalf of the National Fund, Vienna 2021. 145 p.

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