Autobiographical recollections

The National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism believes that the preparation, documentation, publication and dissemination of the life stories of the victims of National Socialism is a vital contribution towards efforts to come to terms with recent Austrian history. Put to paper, these autobiographical recollections of Holocaust survivors are an important resource for historical researchers and also make a significant contribution towards helping subsequent generations develop a critical awareness. Beyond this, the authentic testimonies of the victims add another more personal and tangible dimension to history.



Public interest in the personal fates of people who fell victim to the Nazi regime for many different reasons was late to surface in Austria. For a long time it was limited to specific groups of victims. Given that the number of people who can describe these events first-hand is steadily declining, it is now more important than ever to preserve and pass on their memories and knowledge.


Online collection

The online collection documents recollections which have been provided to the National Fund by victims of National Socialism. Vivid photographic material and documents complement these testimonies.


The book series "Lives Remembered"

The National Fund publishes the life stories of people persecuted by the Nazi regime, with various thematic focuses such as exile or groups of victims, as part of the series "Lives Remembered". In addition, each volume contains a subject-specific essay providing valuable background knowledge.


Book Orders

The volumes of the book series “Lives Remembered. Life Stories of Victims of National Socialism” are available at cost price directly from the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism by cash on delivery or pick-up:


My Story

The National Fund offers victims of National Socialism from Austria the opportunity to have their story published on the National Fund’s website and in the book series "Lives Remembered".