Online collection of eyewitness testimonies

The online collection documents recollections which have been provided to the National Fund by victims of National Socialism. Vivid photographic material and documents complement these testimonies.


Everything was lost

Journey of a Jew (World War II) – Footprints of Vera O’Brien, née Harth

I fled to Switzerland

Liesl's Journey to America

Video interview

Video interview

Refugee child

My father's dissertation

Her passport was due to expire in two days...

... we didn't want to have anything to do with this war

If it had lasted another year, there would have been none of us left

I was so terrified, I couldn't speak

The luckier one

For we were asocials

When they took me away it was terrible

Today they are taking the Roma away …

Our area was called "bandit-land"

… sentenced to death

No one can replace a mother

Suddenly there was only German

… I think I'll play my cello instead

So, now this flirting is well and truly over …

1938 was a year of great suffering for our whole family …

We lived under great pressure

I only knew work

... I stayed, I stayed alive

My number was Z6835

It was as if I had lost a brother

… and so I kept quiet when I was questioned

Back then, in the beautiful city Vienna

The Voyage

... on the run after undermining military morale

This is my life

The dignity of work

I was a child of Spiegelgrund

Stations of my life

Hidden in Vienna

From the recollections of a child about the National Socialist era

Born in the Lackenbach camp

Life Story

Transcript of the Oral History of the Ehrenhaft Family

... the Germans were following us ...

A life-long sense of alienation

Peter Berdach, later known as Peter Fleischl

You know, these are difficult times ...

The Life and Times of Leslie Gelb

Three Essays

Our livelihood was taken from us

... and never returned

Holocaust speech to middle school students

Life is serene, at last

A short story

We came to Bolivia in 1940