Betty Factor

... and never returned

Betty Factor was born in Vienna on 14th of July 1929. In 1939 she flew with a children´s transport to Belgium. Today she lives in Australia. Her father and her grandparents perished in the Holocaust.

After the "Anschluss" [1] I left Vienna on a children´s transport for Antwerp where I met up with my parents who arrived there illegally.

When Germany invaded Belgium in 1940 we fled to France where we were interned as illegal refugees and eventually transferred in 1941 to Alboussière [2] where we were confined within a particular area of the town.

In 1942 the German command issued an order to arrest all Jewish refugees. My father was then sent to Auschwitz and never returned.

My mother and I managed to escape and were hidden by French people in Bernex [3] who were also persecuted and the senior member of that family was executed in 1944 which left us to our own devices until the liberation of the region.

[1] The "Anschluss" refers to the annexation of Austria and its integration into the German Reich on March 13, 1938.
[2] Small village in the French department of Archèche.
[3] Small village in the French department of Haute-Savoie.