Project funding: the application process


The National Fund can sponsor projects that

  • benefit the victims of National Socialism,
  • serve academic research into National Socialism and the fate of its victims,
  • remember National Socialist injustice or
  • safeguard the memory of the victims.

Projects must directly or indirectly benefit the victims and serve to help come to terms with National Socialism and its consequences. The planned projects for which funding is requested must pursue these aims and stand in close relation to Austria. The further requirements are set out in the guidelines and must be observed.

As a rule, funding will not be granted for projects relating to construction or infrastructure; projects undertaken by individuals and diploma theses, dissertations and similar will also, as a rule, not be awarded funding.


To submit an application for project funding please complete the online application form and upload the following attachments:

  1. detailed description of the project (project concept)
  2. Details of any co-funders
  3. Other relevant project documentation


Applicants can be submitted to the National Fund at any time. The Committee and the Board of Trustees of the National Fund decide on the applications for project funding twice a year.

Applications for the spring session must be received by the National Fund on 1 February (Attention: new deadline!) at the latest.
Applications for the autumn session must be received by the National Fund on 1 September at the latest.

After funding is awarded

In the event that project funding is awarded the applicant is sent a letter of approval. Enclosed with this letter is a Declaration of Undertaking, which must be signed by the applicant and returned to the National Fund.

Completion of the project

The applicants undertake to evidence the support of the National Fund through the clearly visible placement of the National Fund logo on the project.

Upon completion of a project, the project organizer must submit an ordered and transparent settlement of account demonstrating the use of the funding for its approved purpose in accordance with the information for applicants within six months.

In addition, specimen copies and/or a project report with photos must be conveyed to the National Fund and permission granted to use photos, texts and other project materials on the National Fund’s website.