Renewal of the Austrian exhibition

Project info

In July 2009, in a move to implement Item 17 "Responsibility towards the victims of National Socialism" of the chapter "Art and Culture" of its governmental program, the Austrian Federal Government resolved to renew the "Austrian memorial" at the former concentration and extermination camp and present-day State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. It entrusted the National Fund with the planning and implementation of the entire project.


Organization and cooperating partners

The National Fund is supported and assisted by committees and advisory boards throughout the renewal progress. In addition to the financial support of the participating Ministries and institutions, there are other cooperating partners making a decisive contribution to the success of the project.



In 2012, the National Fund was also entrusted with carrying out the renovation of the former prisoners' barracks no. 17 where the new exhibition will be housed. Each step can only be undertaken with the consensus of the museum, the owner of the site.