Overview of the payments by the National Fund

Gesture payment

The National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism makes a one-time gesture payment to surviving victims of National Socialism. The amount of 5,087.10 Euros per person (originally 70,000 Austrian Schilling) is intended as a symbolic acknowledgement of the injustices suffered.

All victims of National Socialism are acknowledged by this payment, including victims who remained insufficiently or unacknowledged in Austria for many years, such as Roma and Sinti, the “Children of Spiegelgrund”, victims of Nazi court martial or homosexuals.

Socially needy persons may receive repeat payments of the basic amount.

Payments from the proceeds from the disposition of art

In accordance with the Art Restitution Law, the National Fund disposes of “heirless” art objects under public ownership and uses the proceeds to make payments to victims of National Socialism whose applications do not quite meet the requirements for a gesture payment.

The National Fund makes payments from these proceeds to individuals who incurred damage to their health or suffered loss of freedom, property or income as a result of Nazi persecution aimed at them directly, they were of Austrian origin or were forced to leave country or have a similar connection to Austria.

Payments from the Hardship Compensation Fund (completed)

In May 1999, the National Fund’s Board of Trustees set up the Hardship Compensation Fund. It was endowed with 508,710 Euro (originally 7 million Austrian Schilling) from the National Fund's project funding budget.

The Hardship Compensation Fund catered for aggrieved persons whose applications for a gesture payment met many but not all of the criteria, and for whom the rejection of their application constituted a particular hardship.

Payments from the "Looted Gold Fund" (completed)

In 1998, the National Fund was entrusted with distributing the means of the Looted Gold Fund. This Fund was endowed with means arising from several nations' waiver of their share in the residue of the so-called looted gold. The National Fund administered the Austrian share of this money. These funds were used to sponsor projects and to make payments to needy Holocaust survivors. The Fund was exhausted in 2010.

Compensation for seized tenancy rights (completed)

From 2001 to 30 June 2004, victims of National Socialism could apply for compensation for seized tenancy rights, household effects and personal valuables. Compensation took the form of a lump sum payment of 7,630 Euros or 7,000 US Dollars and an additional payment of 1,000 Euros.

The payments for compensation of seized tenancy rights have been completed.