Statistics: Payments by the National Fund

Gesture payments

The gesture payment, intended to express acknowledgement of the injustices suffered by people under National Socialism, is the central undertaking of the National Fund. Between 1995 and 2021 gesture payments have been made totaling around 157.9 million Euros.

Statistics on gesture payments, as at June 2021

Applications received* 33,1036
Payments 30,909

* A change in the way applications are counted this figure differs from the previously published figures. At the applications received are now also those concerning the "Döllersheimer Ländchen".

Compensation for seized tenancy rights pursuant to Sec. 2b of the National Fund Law

Compensation for the Nazi-related seizure of tenancy rights, household effects and personal valuables was paid from 2001. The compensation took the form of a lump sum payment of 7,630 Euros or 7,000 US Dollars per person and an additional payment of 1,000 Euros per person. In total, the National Fund has disbursed around 175 million Euros as compensation for seized tenancy rights.

Statistics on compensation for seized tenancy rights, as at June 2021

Applications received 23,289
Payments 20,351
Additional payments 19,616

Hardship Compensation Fund

Between 2000 and 2021, 98 payments of 5,087.10 Euros, in total around 498,500 Euros were made from the Hardship Compensation Fund.

Looted Gold Fund

Between 1999 and 2010, 48 payments of 5,087.10 Euros, in total around 244,200 Euros were made from the Looted Gold Fund.

Proceeds from the disposition of art, as at August 2021

Since 2012, 24 payments of 5,087.10 Euros, in total 122,000 Euros have been made from the proceeds from the disposition of art.