Compensation of seized tenancy rights

In implementation of the Washington Agreement, the National Fund Law was amended in 2001 (Federal Law Gazette I no. 11/2001) to entrust the National Fund with the compensation of seized tenancy rights, household effects and personal valuables.

A sum of 150 million US Dollars was earmarked as compensation for seized tenancy rights. Applications could be filed up to 30 June 2004.

Each of the approx. 23,000 applicants or their heirs received a lump sum of 7,630 Euros/7,000 US Dollars and an additional payment of 1,000 Euros.

In keeping with the Washington Agreement, the residue that could not be distributed will be used to benefit victims of National Socialism in other ways: in accordance with an amendment to the Law (Federal Law Gazette I no. 9/2013) it will be used for programs benefitting victims of National Socialism.