Support for NS victims and their descendants in obtaining Austrian citizenship

The Austrian Citizenship Act was amended in 2019 to make it easier in future for victims of National Socialism and their descendants to receive Austrian citizenship.

In Austria, Municipal Department 35 is responsible for citizenship matters:

MA 35 Fachbereich Staatsbürgerschaft
1200 Vienna, Dresdner Straße 93, Block C

The new legal provisions on the acquisition of citizenship by descendants of Nazi victims do not enter into effect until 1 September 2020. As of this date, eligible persons will be able to obtain Austrian citizenship by filing a written notice, enabling them to forego the application procedure. It is not possible to file such a notice before the mentioned date.

Municipal Department 35 is the first point of contact for people who wish to make inquiries about the recent amendment, as the competent authority and first address for questions and concerns regarding the acquisition of Austrian citizenship. Please note that it has not yet been announced what documentation and information will have to be provided to obtain citizenship in accordance with the new legal provisions.

The new provisions of the Citizenship Act state that the competent authority, the MA 35, may draw on the expertise of the National Fund. The National Fund is glad to offer its support in this matter and provide assistance with research needed to obtain any required documentation.

With the permission of the person wishing to enquire the National Fund is happy to forward to the MA 35 any information/documentation sent to us as soon as we receive it (i.e. even before the 1 September 2020).