Family research

The fates of victims of National Socialism are sometimes a forgotten part of family history that future generations want to know more about. For this reason, descendants of victims of National Socialism who have questions about the lives of their ancestors before and during the Nazi persecution or questions about assets confiscated during the Nazi era repeatedly turn to the National Fund.

The National Fund supports both survivors and their families by offering to conduct family research.

This service includes extensive research by the Fund's historians in genealogical databases, on websites such as the Findbuch for Victims of National Socialism and in Austrian archives. From the information found, copies of documents from the files consulted, matriculation entries, travel documents, extracts from death registers and similar dossiers are compiled for the inquirers, giving them an insight into the family's past.

If you are interested in having your family researched by the National Fund, please contact  .

Please bear in mind that due to the increased workload and a complex source situation in individual cases family research may take several months.

family and friend reunions

Stories of successful family and friend reunions with the help of the National Fund can be read here:

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