Grave fee subsidies for Roma and Sinti survivors of National Socialism

The National Fund provides financial support to people who bear the costs for the graves of Holocaust survivors from the Roma and Sinti community.

The Austrian Roma and Romnja and Sinti and Sintizze were subjected to systematic persecution by the Nazi regime due to their ethnic origin. Even after 1945, this ethnic minority continued to be subjected to discrimination by both society at large and the Austrian authorities, and many of them lived in extremely precarious circumstances. The financial support provided by the National Fund, which was established by the National Council in 1995, represents a significant step towards acknowledging historical responsibility for the fate suffered by the Austrian Roma and Romnja and Sinti and Sintizze during the Holocaust. Furthermore, this support is a signal of respect for the different ethnic groups that are a fundamental part of Austria’s cultural diversity.

The financial assistance is intended to subsidise grave fees of deceased survivors of National Socialism who, as members of the Roma and Romnja and Sinti and Sintizze communities, suffered persecution during the years of Nazi tyranny, and whose graves are located on Austrian territory.

An application must be filed to receive the subsidy, which covers 50 per cent of the grave fees incurred from 1 January 2024.

Further information on the requirements and how to apply can be found in the guidelines for grave fee subsidies.

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